Collaborative Working

Collaborative working projects pool skills, experience and/or resources between pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations,  and others for the benefit of patients or the NHS.


Collaborative Working
Collaborative Working must either enhance patient care or be for the benefit of patients or, alternatively, benefit the NHS and, as a minimum, maintain patient care. There must be a shared commitment to successful delivery of the project from all parties involved and it must be conducted in an open and transparent manner. 
To ensure full transparency, we publish a summary of any collaborative working project here before we start the project. We also encourage our Collaborative Working partners to do the same on their own websites.  We will also publish the outcomes of our projects here to enable others to learn from the initiatives we deliver.


Joint Working

Joint Working is a form of collaborative working which is patient centred and always benefits patients. Our Joint Working collaborations around the UK will always focus on delivering better patient outcomes first, as well as addressing NHS priorities.

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