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Diversity, Equity and InclusionHomeResponsibiltyDiversity, Equity and InclusionDiverse teams are more collaborative, more accepting of different perspectives and more representative of the world we all share.

Our purpose at Pfizer is to deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives, both through our biopharmaceutical innovations, and by working to ensure that those medicines and therapies can be accessed quickly and effectively by those who need them. Realising our purpose takes creativity, problem-solving skills, exceptional communication and agile decision-making. These qualities are all enhanced by rich cognitive diversity within our workforce. 

As a business, our aim is to be as diverse as the patients and communities we serve. This supports us to understand the needs and challenges facing different groups and to find better ways to serve them. So, we work hard to create inclusion and equity. We encourage everyone to bring their whole self to work and strive to create a workplace that attracts and retains the best talent, allowing every colleague to flourish. 


Building a more inclusive colleague experience

Closing the Gender Pay Gap is a key part to creating an inclusive workplace. Although we have roughly the same numbers of men and women in the workforce, we have significantly fewer men in junior positions, and significantly more men in senior positions. Evening up these numbers, will create greater diversity at every level of the business. 

Our Closing the Gender Pay Gap strategy aims to achieve this gender balance through five impactful initiatives:

1. Ensuring Recruitment Diversity
Achieving a balanced Gender Candidate Slate: helping us to attract a diverse range of talent at all stages of recruitment and at all levels of the business – continuing to recruit the best people for each role.

2. Creating a trusting, flexible workplace
Creating the work-life harmony that enables every colleague to be their best working self.

3. Returner Support
To ensure that all colleagues returning from long-term absence feel supported, engaged and part of the business again, while enjoying equal opportunity to progress.

4. Career Progression Support
This enables colleagues to find clarity, momentum, and direction to make a positive change in their career choices.

5. Family Friendly Practices
To support colleagues at every stage of the family life cycle, recognising that the modern family comes in many forms.

Find out more about our Gender Pay Gap Report and Careers at Pfizer.


Our Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs)

Our CRGs play a major role in raising awareness and understanding of the challenges facing colleagues. All colleagues at Pfizer are given the opportunity to join a CRG that they are passionate about. Our CRGs run events, host workshops, participate in local volunteer initiatives, and raise awareness, understanding and empathy amongst Pfizer colleagues. Each CRG is employee-led and driven, and has an Executive Leader sponsor.

In the UK, our CRGs are:

  • Ethnicity

  • disAbility

  • Pfizer Women’s Resource Group

  • OPEN (LGBTQ+ Network)

  • Intergenerational Mobility (Social Mobility and Age)


Ensuring equitable medicine access for patients

Equitable medicine access starts with inclusive research. That's why we ensure our research and development activities reflect the diverse communities we serve, including which diseases we prioritise through to reaching underserved populations within our clinical trials and beyond.

Our commitment to underrepresented patients has been recognised by the 2021 Annual Global Patient View Survey, where we ranked 1st, and by the 2021 Access to Medicines Index where we placed 4th.

In May 2022, we launched 'An Accord for a Healthier World' where Pfizer will provide all its current and future patent-protected medicines and vaccines available in the U.S. or EU on a not-for-profit basis to 45 lower-income countries.


Equitable Medicine Access

Pfizer runs a variety of programmes that serve to broaden access to medicines to underserved people around the world. 


Medicine Donations

We are Europe’s largest donator of healthcare products.

Building partnerships

Building partnerships with like-minded organisations helps to empower underrepresented communities and enables us to contribute towards a more equitable society. Through carefully selected partnerships we have been able to deploy our people, make charitable donations, share knowledge, provide education, and leverage the power of our workforce through volunteering.


Volunteering and Fundraising

We offer paid volunteering leave to all our colleagues for them to dedicate their time and knowledge towards helping non-profit organisations or any cause close to their hearts.


Working with Patient Organisations

We partner with patient organisations so that we can understand a broad range of different patient’s perspectives and work together to address these unmet needs.


Science Education

Vaccines for children should be available and accessible to all.

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