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HomeResponsibilityEquitable Access to MedicinesAn Accord for a Healthier WorldAn Accord for a Healthier WorldEquity is a core Pfizer value that drives our people every single day. ‘An Accord for a Healthier World’ was launched because all people deserve access to high-quality, safe and effective healthcare solutions.

More than half of the world’s population are not fully covered by essential health services,1 and it can take 4-7 years longer for medicines to reach people in lower- income countries than in high-income countries.2 The Accord is working to provide prevention and treatment options for people impacted by deadly infectious diseases, as well as certain cancers and rare and inflammatory diseases. It also includes a wide range of antibiotics, that can help to address the rising morbidity, mortality and costs associated with antimicrobial resistance, and help prevent deaths as a result of bacterial infections in hospitals and community health clinics.

Launched in May 2022, ‘An Accord for a Healthier World’ aims to provide our full portfolio of patented and off-patent medicines and vaccines, for which Pfizer holds global rights, on a not-for-profit basis to 1.2 billion people living in 45 lower-income countries around the world.3 As we launch new medicines and vaccines, those products will also be included in the Accord portfolio on a not-for-profit basis. 

Supply contingent upon compliance with applicable laws including any required sanctions and export control licenses or other authorisations.

Alongside governments and multi-sector leaders, the Accord will focus on co-creating solutions for faster, more efficient supply pathways for medicines and vaccines as well as strengthening the resources, capabilities, and platforms that can enable quick, yet sustainable access to them, including technical expertise, training, diagnostic capacity, innovative financing, and beyond.4

Progress and Milestones: 

We recognise how important it is to work to advance medical education and to help support the sustainability of medicines access in these countries. Through medical training sessions and medical information websites, we are working with governments to help enhance the accessibility of information for healthcare professionals.5 These training sessions help to provide essential learning on antimicrobial stewardship, resistance and susceptibility testing as well as therapy area specific training.5 Furthermore, through our partnerships with governments, we are working hard to help expedite review timelines, to help decrease the time it takes for medicines to reach patients.5
No single government, organisation or company can close the health equity gap alone. To drive the success of the Accord, we are calling upon global health leaders, global health organisations, country governments, industry leaders, and peers to come together to provide expertise and resources that can help to close the health equity gap and create a healthier world – one where every person can access the innovative medicines and vaccines they need, regardless of where they live or how much they earn. 


Global Aid and Emergency Relief

Pfizer Inc. has a three part approach to aid and emergency relief: medicine donations, cash grants, and humanitarian assistance programmes.


Medicines Donations 

We are a proud supporter of International Health Partners (IHP).


Gavi and the Vaccine Alliance

In 2010, Pfizer embarked on a partnership called the Advance Market Commitment (AMC) with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and donor governments.


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