Collaborative Working Project between Lloyds Pharmacy and Pfizer Vaccines

Develop an enhanced pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination service delivered through LloydsPharmacy to respond to increasing consumer demand to protect against winter respiratory infections.



With the pandemic and its impact on consumer behaviour and attitudes towards health and protective measures like vaccines, it is predicted that a big uplift in uptake of vaccinations this year will follow.

LloydsPharmacy is preparing for its biggest flu season ever, with over 600,000 patients to be vaccinated. There are two flu vaccinations available from LloydsPharmacy across the country, both NHS-funded flu jabs and the private flu vaccination for the general public. This year the NHS has expanded their eligibility criteria to the over 50s, to take pressure off the health service this winter.
Pfizer Vaccines has been committed to developing the pharmacy vaccination ecosystem for several years. This has manifested itself in several ways, including supporting collaborative partners with approved clinical information and providing funding to develop better services and patient information.

The flu season runs from October until March and peaks in uptake are usual when the weather gets colder, and incidents of colds and flu start to increase. However, the NHS encourages patients to avoid the rush and get their flu jab early, to ensure they are protected.

This season LloydsPharmacy will again be educating the general public about the pneumococcal vaccination service that will run alongside the flu programme. Due to the pandemic, respiratory illness has been brought into sharp relief and LloydsPharmacy expect to see an increased interest in this service.

Unlike the flu vaccine, which is given seasonally, the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine can be given at any point in the year. However, flu season is a particularly important time to vaccinate people against pneumococcal pneumonia. Although people can contract pneumococcal infections all year round, like flu, there is an increased incidence in the winter months. There is a huge opportunity to raise awareness of the pneumococcal vaccine with every customer that visits LloydsPharmacy this year for their flu jab.


The Overarching Collaboration will:

With the help of Pfizer, develop an enhanced LloydsPharmacy pneumococcal pneumonia service to respond to increasing consumer demand and improve consumer choice to help protect themselves against respiratory infections.

  • Pfizer Vaccines will provide £40,000 funding and 75 hours of Pfizer Vaccines colleagues’ time to support the project through all phases of delivery from planning to evaluation.
  • LloydsPharmacy will provide £15,000 funding and 346 hours of LloydsPharmacy colleagues’ time to support the project through all phases of delivery from planning to evaluation.


Collaborative Working
  • To develop the educational tools to enable LloydsPharmacy colleagues to confidently discuss and recommend the pneumonia vaccination service to relevant patients.
  • Raise awareness with LloydsPharmacy existing prescription & flu jab patients about the risks & implications of contacting pneumococcal pneumonia.
  • Educate LloydsPharmacy existing prescription patients about the benefits of a pneumonia vaccine to protect themselves and their family.
  • Measure the success of targeted activity with a collaborative partner to drive disease awareness, uptake of national vaccination programmes and privately funded patient choice.


Benefits of this collaboration include:

Prevention against infection is one of the best ways to try to minimise winter pressure on the NHS. Better educating patients to take steps to prevent illness and giving equity of access to vaccination will potentially benefit both the patient and the NHS. Pfizer Vaccines is committed to the development of a wider vaccination ecosystem which allows patients to make an informed choice about their health. Supporting organisations such as LloydsPharmacy, who have a clear vision to provide professional and clinical services to a high standard, is central to access and patient choice. A better ecosystem gives better information and allows more patients access to vaccines. In this specific collaboration patients may benefit from a Pfizer vaccine if appropriate.


Benefits for Patients/Population/User Groups

  • Patients will have clear clinical information to make an informed choice to protect themselves and their families against serious infection.
  • More patients choosing to protect against infection should contribute towards reducing winter pressure on the NHS and freeing up time for other patients requiring treatment.


Benefits for Lloyds Pharmacy

  • Enhanced service delivery and reputation for offering clear clinical services that help protect the population.


Benefits for Pfizer

  • Expansion of patient awareness of vaccination with greater access to choice helps the development of the vaccination ecosystem and ultimately access to Pfizer vaccines for patients/customers.


PP-VAC-GBR-2041 / January 2022