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HomeResponsibilityTransparencyPatient Organisation Funding and SupportPatient Organisation Funding and SupportTransparency is at the heart of our approach when working with patient organisations, and the interests of patients always come first.

Patient organisations aim to improve the lives of people with a particular disease or medical condition. Working with patient organisations allows us to support their activities, where appropriate, and to better understand patients’ unmet needs and how those needs can best be met. By obtaining patient insights, we gain a better knowledge of the burden of disease, which informs our efforts to develop medicines and support programmes for the patient community.

In providing funding for, or working with patient organisations, Pfizer’s guiding principles are independence and transparency. Relationships with patient organisations are both valuable and essential, and by ensuring these organisations maintain their independence and that our relationships are transparent, we can be confident and proud of the relationships we have developed. Sharing information about these relationships in a straightforward and open way will, we hope, help explain the critical value these relationships bring to patient management.  

We believe that transparency is essential to building and maintaining confidence in Pfizer and in our medicines and strongly support the work being done by The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) to improve transparency across the pharmaceutical industry.

Download our methodology note on patient organisation reporting

Patient organisation disclosure reports

2023Download our 2023 report on payments to Patient Organisations (PDF)2022Download our 2022 report on payments to Patient Organisations (PDF)2021Download our 2021 report on payments to Patient Organisations (PDF)


Working with Patient Organisations

Our work with patient organisations helps us to better understand patients and continue to put their needs first.


Patient Involvement in Research and Development

Scientific advances in medicine development are increasingly influenced by engagement with patient populations.

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