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HomePartnershipsWorking with Patient Organisations Patient involvement in Research and DevelopmentPatient involvement in Research and DevelopmentScientific advances in medicine development are increasingly influenced by engagement with patient populations.

Our purpose is to develop breakthroughs that change patients' lives, and in order to do that we are focused on expanding the involvement of patients, patient organisations, carers and the general public in all stages of the drug discovery and development process.

Patient Engagement Principles

Pfizer continues to seek to involve patients earlier and more systematically in the medicine development lifecycle. Patient involvement through-out this process means that we are developing medicines that better support patients' needs. To do this effectively, open principles of engagement are required.

The principles that guide Pfizer’s work with patients, carers, and patient organisations include:

Key Facts

Pfizer has been actively engaging with patients and the broader community to help with R&D efforts for over a decade.

Pfizer's global patient partnerships range across the lifecycle of the R&D process, beginning in early discovery and continuing through medicine development, product registration, and beyond.

Pfizer's disease-area partnerships have been diverse and focused on different therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology and inflammatory diseases, and rare diseases.

Science and technological advances are changing our approach to R&D

Technology is equipping patients with real-time health data. The internet can help increase health literacy and connect patients with other patients. These, and other tools, can empower people to take control of their health while enhancing their ability to engage with the healthcare ecosystem. At the same time, the patient community has shown increasing empowerment, connectedness and sophistication.

The evolving ecosystem has enhanced the opportunity for researchers and clinical trial sponsors, such as Pfizer, to engage with patients, carers and patient organisations to better understand the characteristics necessary to address patients’ needs, wants, and expectations for new therapies. This is especially important as these therapies are increasingly developed to be targeted to patients, rather than diseases.

Patient engagement includes dialogue with patients, their carers and healthcare providers, as well as relevant stakeholders. Each of these communities brings a unique perspective. Early and continued engagement provides important information and ensures that patient priorities are addressed.

As subject matter experts for a specific disease or therapeutic area, patients reveal valuable perspectives and help to focus research and development programmes.

Other aspects of patient involvement in R&D may include:

Pfizer’s position in R&D

Patient involvement in R&D is a fundamental component of Pfizer’s commitment to advancing science, delivering needed therapies, and improving patient outcomes.

Pfizer engages in a variety of partnerships and initiatives, whose long-term goals include end-to-end integration of patient experiences and preferences through-out the R&D continuum, to product registration, and beyond.

A few examples of how Pfizer is engaging with patients are listed below:

How patients, researchers, and the health care system benefit

Patient engagement can help guide development of therapies and vaccines to meet the needs, priorities and preferences of patients and the broader community. Discussions with patients, carers and patient organisations that are based upon mutual respect and independence can facilitate the achievement of mutual goals.

This exchange of ideas can lead to better research and clinical trial design, more patient-relevant endpoints, improved recruitment for clinical research and more diverse patient population representation in clinical trials, which can help to achieve health equity and increase access to therapies.


Our ongoing partnership with the UK Sepsis Trust

Working together to raise awareness of sepsis through the campaign "Just ask - could it be Sepsis?"


Why putting patients at the heart of Pfizer UK's clinical trials continues to be a priority

At Pfizer, we know that patients and caregivers are the experts in their conditions and it’s essential that we collaborate when designing and delivering clinical research.

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