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Pfizer is proud of our long-standing support of the Science Museum Group. 

In 2017 we sponsored ‘Superbugs: the fight for our lives’, where almost 1.5 million visitors explored the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. Following this, in 2021, we lent our support to another issue we are passionate about, which is progress in cancer care.

Today, one in two of us will have a cancer diagnosis at some point in our lives.1 Thanks to scientific progress, more of us are living longer and better after a diagnosis.2 The Science Museum Group with support from expert partner, Cancer Research UK, curated an exhibition, Cancer Revolution, Science, innovation and hope, that helped the public understand the progress that has been made in prevention, detection and treatment and shined a light on some of the challenges that the scientific and medical community still need to solve. The exhibition showcased stories of people living with, treating, and affected by cancer today, and how researchers, clinicians, policymakers and patients are fuelling progress in a powerful expression of shared hope.

During the opening of the 'Cancer Revolution' exhibition at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester in October 2021, the curators and sponsers shared their thoughs:

"Cancer Revolution is such an exciting opportunity to engage and inspire our visitors with the remarkable science transforming cancer care and how that’s impacting lives today. Thanks to support from many organisations, we’ve been able to speak to a wide-range of experts about the latest developments in cancer science, and this is giving us the opportunity to open up hugely important conversations and fresh thinking about cancer with thousands of visitors across the UK." 

Katie Dabin, Cancer Revolution Exhibition Curator, Science Museum

"This major new exhibition will show how cancer care is being revolutionised, thanks to research which is making transformative steps in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer - a disease that has such a devastating impact on millions of people and families.

This past year has highlighted the value of investing in science and medical research, and what can be achieved with collective focus and collaboration. Just like science is our route out of the pandemic, science is our route to beating cancer. So much progress has been made in the global fight against the disease and this inspirational exhibition will show our optimism for the future." 

Michelle Mitchell, Chief Executive, Cancer Research UK

"We are proud to be principal sponsor of this world-first exhibition. At Pfizer, our motivation is to deliver breakthroughs that help people live better, longer, fuller lives. The Cancer Revolution exhibition puts patients’ voices at the heart of the challenge cancer sets us, and it is this that gives the exhibition such power and immediacy. We’d like to thank these patients for sharing their stories and for showing us, again, how important it is that science will win." 

Oncology Lead, Pfizer UK

The Cancer Revolution exhibition was on display at the Science and Industry Museum Manchester between 22 October 2021 to March 2022, and at the Science Museum London between May 2022 – January 2023.

Pfizer was a principal sponsor of this exhibition which was curated independently by the Science Museum Group with support from expert partner, Cancer Research UK.


Pfizer Sponsors Science Museum Exhibition

We sponsored the "Superbugs: the Fight for Our Lives" exhibition, which explored the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.


Developing New Medicines

Our medicines save and transform the lives of millions around the world every year, but developing them is a complicated process.


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