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HomeResponsibilityEquitable Access to MedicinesGavi and the Vaccine AllianceGavi and the Vaccine Alliance In 2010, Pfizer embarked on a partnership called the Advance Market Commitment (AMC) with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and donor governments. 1

Gavi, as an international health organisation, plays a pivotal role in improving access to new and under-used vaccines for vulnerable populations. It operates in close partnership with the public and private sector. Pfizer joined forces with Gavi and UNICEF to provide humanitarian relief to numerous countries. Through this collaboration, governments were able to launch national immunisation programmes, helping to ensure the well-being of their populations.

The AMC serves as a crucial health funding mechanism for the world's poorest countries, which lack the means to acquire vaccines independently. Gavi determines eligibility based on a country's gross national income (GNI). This criterion, established in cooperation with the World Bank, guides the contributions made by donors.

Since March 2010, Pfizer has been actively working with Gavi and committed to a 10-year agreement to provide humanitarian relief to infants and young people1. This collaboration takes place under the umbrella of the AMC, which accelerates, makes affordable, and ensures the sustainability of vaccine distribution to the world's most resource-constrained countries. Under the AMC, Nicaragua became the first Gavi-eligible country in the developing world to launch an immunisation program for pneumococcal disease 2. By 2013, 26 countries had followed suit, benefitting from the AMC's efforts.2

Furthermore, Gavi is one of the founding members of the COVAX facility, a worldwide initiative which endeavours to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. This programme, which closed in December 2023, resulted in more than 1.8 billion vaccine doses and injection devices being given to 146 economies worldwide. 3

Over the years, Pfizer and Gavi have shipped more than 900 million doses of our pneumococcal vaccine to more than 50 Gavi-eligible countries. This collaboration ensures a sustainable supply of vaccines to countries in need. Pfizer is committed to continually supporting global access to medicine programmes and we have extended our agreement with Gavi through to 2030. 1


Global Aid and Emergency Relief

Pfizer Inc. has a three part approach to aid and emergency relief: medicine donations, cash grants, and humanitarian assistance programmes.


Medicines Donations 

We are a proud supporter of International Health Partners (IHP).


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