Sustainable Medicines

We will leverage our strengths in scientific innovation to reduce the environmental impact of our medicines throughout the product life cycle.


sustainable medicines

Unleashing the power of our science on the challenge of environmental sustainability has driven:

  • The development of effective decision-making tools
  • Selective investment in contemporary manufacturing technologies
  • Reduction in time to market


Green Chemistry

Pfizer’s award-winning Green Chemistry programme has a strong focus on sustainability. In 2021 at Sandwich, our Research and Development site, our Chemical Research & Development (CRD) colleagues were able to join a number of Green Chemistry workshops. These workshops showcased some of the tools available to process chemists that enable the development of environmentally responsible processes.

Sandwich CRD has a long history of recognition in the field. In 2021 alone, the team’s fantastic work to improve on organic and sustainable techniques led to five submissions to the Pfizer Global Green Chemistry Awards programme.


PSSM* Drug Product Design (DPD)

With the goal to deliver more sustainable medicines through a focused drug product design strategy, our DPD colleagues have begun work to design sustainable drug products. A dedicated team has been created to focus on delivering the strategy, and they have developed a Sustainable Medicines Index (SMI) tool for DPD products. This helps drug product designers to understand the sustainability impact of their choices.

The SMI toolkit in development will enable us to gain a deeper understanding of all the components of the sustainability assessments. This will include:

  • The impact of excipients and packaging components
  • Calculating final drug product impact
  • Prioritising target materials for reduction.

*Pharmaceutical Sciences Small Molecule

This tool will allow us to understand how the choices we make designing new tablets can reduce the long-term environmental impact of our medicines."

Brian Henry, Vice President Drug Product Design, Pfizer UK


PP-PFE-GBR-4323 / March 2022