Climate Action

We have set ambitious targets to become carbon neutral across our internal operations by 2030.


The Science Based Targets initiative has commended our 2030 Scope 1* & 2** greenhouse gas (GHG) emission goals as ambitious, 1.5ºC-aligned targets.

*Scope 1: emissions from sources we own or control.
** Scope 2: indirect emissions generated by our purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling.


Our 2030 Targets

We have made bold commitments to:

2030 ESG Targets


Our aims include:

Our aims


Around 80% of our carbon footprint derives from our indirect value chain emissions.

We are working to drive climate action across our value chain.

Our collective efforts have led to:

Collective Efforts
Our ongoing aims
  • Embed environmental sustainability criteria in our vendor selection process.
  • Strengthen expectations within contracts.
  • Engage with key suppliers of goods and services to drive the adoption of science based GHG reduction goals by 2025.

We also support governmental policy frameworks that...

  • Promote implementation of low carbon and renewable energy projects.
  • Reduce GHG emissions

...and meet the following criteria:

  • Support climate and energy research and promote an economic environment that is conducive to technological innovation.
  • Remove barriers to energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. This includes replacing higher carbon fuels with lower carbon fuels and streamlining processes for approving such projects.
  • Offer incentives for energy efficient enhancement and renewable energy implementation.
  • Provide a flexible, market-based approach to reducing GHG emissions that promotes energy price predictability, enabling business to plan strategically for long-term energy alternatives.
  • Establish emissions reductions targets guided by the best available science and available technologies, which appropriately credit companies that have achieved verifiable voluntary emissions reductions.




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