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Collaborative Working Project between LloydsPharmacy and Pfizer Vaccines: Review

Between January and March 2022, LloydsPharmacy and Pfizer UK’s Vaccines business entered into a Collaborative Working Project to develop an enhanced Pneumococcal vaccination service across the Lloyds Pharmacy estate nationally to respond to increasing demand and improve choice for consumers, to help protect against respiratory infection.

The project collaboration had 4 clear steps, to:
  • Develop the educational tools needed to enable LloydsPharmacy colleagues to confidently discuss and recommend the pneumonia vaccination service to their consumers;  
  • Raise awareness with LloydsPharmacy existing prescription & flu jab patients about the risks & implications of contracting pneumococcal pneumonia;
  • Educate LloydsPharmacy existing prescription patients about the benefits of a pneumonia vaccine to help protect themselves and their family; and
  • Measure the success of targeted activity with a collaborative partner to drive disease awareness, uptake of national vaccination programmes and privately funded patient choice.

With the winter campaign now complete and relevant data collected, we can report on the outcomes of the Collaborative Working project.

The success of the enhanced training, materials and the improved customer information and interaction were evaluated through several criteria, as follows:
  • No. of Lloyds colleagues completing training
  • No. of educational leaflets distributed (via mailing list and store distribution post vaccination)
  • No. of patients taking a flu vaccine (Anonymised Lloyds data)
  • No. of patients taking a pneumococcal vaccine (Anonymised Lloyds data)
  • No. directed back to GP for NHS pneumococcal vaccination (Anonymised Lloyds data)
  • No. of pneumococcal vaccines declined (Anonymised Lloyds data)
  • Lloyds colleagues Resources feedback conducted as standard by Lloyds for all educational materials

Summary of outcomes

The Collaborative Working Project was completed in April 2022 with some success in particularly challenging circumstances.

With continued lock down periods and new cohorts being eligible for free NHS flu and COVID 19 vaccinations in bespoke centres, footfall in pharmacy for vaccination was reduced. “Vaccination fatigue” also attributed to a decline in people seeking protection. LloydsPharmacy also went through a significant restructure, having been sold to a new holding company and the Lloyds colleague responsible for collection and evaluation of data for this project, leaving the company. This also caused operational issues in-store that resulted in the pneumococcal vaccination service not being adequately delivered.

The following are details of what was delivered through this collaborative project and the challenges faced:
  • 5040 Lloyds healthcare professionals  completed the training
  • 985,736 households were sent a leaflet with an attached QR code. 1,334 codes were scanned at a conversion of 0.14%. Bookings were at a peak during the period of leaflet delivery
  • 513,379 patients received a flu jab
  • 3,799 patients received a pneumococcal vaccine (this was down 30% on the previous year) with a conversion rate of 0.74% compared to 1.12% in 2021)
  • Operational changes meant data was not collected regarding patients redirected back to their GP for a free NHS jab. Similarly for number of vaccines declined
  • Lanyards were highly successful at generating discussion in Pharmacy
  • Resource Survey were subject to a “communications” blackout that prioritised emergency communications during COVID delivery. Unfortunately, the Pneumococcal survey was not prioritised.

The “4 clear steps” raised at the start of this document, were all addressed with a clear focus on improving the patient/customer experience through enhanced training of LloydsPharmacy staff.

Materials and tools were developed to both educate Lloyds staff and inform existing LloydsPharmacy customers of the benefits of pneumococcal vaccination. Despite best efforts, the issues described above prevented delivery of the entire intended programme in both training and raising public awareness. It was particularly difficult to work as closely together as intended due to the restructure at Lloyds and the moving of roles of key personnel within Lloyds.

Whilst perhaps it appears the collaboration did not fulfil its objectives, we are satisfied the principles of collaborative ways of working are the correct way forward to improve and drive disease awareness and standards of service. The unique circumstances within the market and the specific issues faced by Lloyds/McKesson meant that some direction and focus was lost.

Market forces and response to pandemic conditions along with the structural changes at Lloyds leading to breakdown in the collaboration channels meant the full potential of this project was not fulfilled.

Pfizer UK Vaccines are committed to supporting Community Pharmacy in the development of robust clinical training and vaccination service delivery. The Collaborative Working approach was the correct way to deliver this support and indeed vaccination is only one area amongst many services where there will be opportunities to support service delivery that takes pressure off the NHS and help deliver Government and healthcare objectives.
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