My Haemophilia Centre App

Helping you live your life to the fullest with essential information at your fingertips


The My Haemophilia Centre (MHC) is a mobile application (app) that has been developed by Pfizer Ltd, in conjunction with the Royal London Haemophilia Centre, for haemophilia patients in the UK. The application is intended to provide information to help patients with haemophilia understand more about their condition as well as useful features to help manage their day-to-day lives.


The app is designed to provide patients with:

  • Information on a range of issues affecting everyday life with haemophilia (exercise, travel, work-life, dental care, school, family, diet, women’s health, alcohol and drugs, university, relationships, tattoo and piercing, emergencies)
  • Useful information about their haemophilia treatment centre (contact details, staff, what to know when visiting the centre)
  • The ability to receive customised notifications from their treatment centre
  • Notes section to keep all the relevant information in one place


The centres are able to edit their own specific centre information that appears on the MHC app through an online dashboard, this makes it quick and easy for changes to be made or push-notifications to be sent out at any time.

The package for this donation includes:

  • My Haemophilia Centre application
  • My Haemophilia Centre administrator dashboard
  • Application maintenance from a third-party vendor
  • A suite of materials:
    • Information leaflet (for the Haemophilia Treatment Centre team)
    • Information leaflet (for the patients)
    • Reminder poster (to be visible in the Haemophilia Treatment Centre)
    • Patient flyer
    • Pull-up banner (to be visible in the Haemophilia Treatment Centre)
    • Digital 3-page guide on using the administrator dashboard (training will also be provided)


The My Haemophilia Centre app is currently being used by at least 6 UK Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centres (CCC) and is available for up to 20 UK Haemophilia CCC for a minimum commitment of 2 years. The application will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis providing the following criteria are met:

  1. The treatment centre is classified as a Comprehensive Care Centre
  2. Individual within the treatment centre to commit to be the My Haemophilia Centre app implementation project lead:
    • Responsible for raising awareness and driving uptake within the Haemophilia Treatment Centre and coordinating the efforts of the wider Haemophilia Treatment Centre team
    • Maintain up-to-date information in the centre specific sections of the app by using the online administrator dashboard tool


Apply for the My Haemophilia Centre application


PP-PFE-GBR-4174 / November 2021