Healthcare Professionals Congress Sponsorship

HCP sponsorship

Pfizer UK is proud to support the continuing medical education of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) working within the UK to assist in improving patient care.


To this end Pfizer sets aside a defined amount of funds each year to support individual HCPs with registration fees for specific third party meetings.

As an ethical pharmaceutical company, Pfizer seeks to act with integrity and in compliance with all UK regulatory procedures and policies at all times. Therefore all sponsorship is awarded in a transparent and fair manner and on a first come first served basis.

When HCPs are supported with registration fees to attend third party meetings, Pfizer must not, nor does Pfizer wish to, receive anything in return. The support is not offered as an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy or sell a Pfizer medicine. The offer of support is not linked to any promotional activity, for example the requirement to attend a promotional satellite symposium at the third party meeting.

The following criteria must be met in order for a HCP to be selected for sponsorship:

  1. The HCP has demonstrated a strong interest in the therapeutic area; and/or
  2. The HCP has a defined health need in their patient population relevant to the meeting; and/or
  3. The HCP has expressed a desire to improve services and clinical effectiveness in the relevant area.

There must be a clear link between the knowledge gained through attending the meeting, and the direct application to improving clinical practice and patient care. Funding cannot be provided for a predominantly personal benefit which would only enhance the recipient’s CV.

Pfizer Support for meetings

Pfizer will provide support for registration fees only, for one meeting per individual, per calendar year. For successful applicants, Pfizer’s appointed meetings and logistics agency will purchase and distribute the registration ticket for the event. Pfizer will not reimburse registration costs directly to the applicant.

Sponsorship from Pfizer does not include expenses for:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Food and Drink
  • Social Events

In order to apply for sponsorship from Pfizer you will need to complete the online application below, following receipt of which, a Pfizer colleague will be in touch.


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Pfizer is considering providing you with direct financial support in relation to this meeting. As part of Pfizer's review, and in accordance with Pfizer's policies and applicable legal requirements, we need to understand whether you hold a position in which you have decision making authority or official influence over (i) the approval, reimbursement, prescribing, purchasing or recommending of any Pfizer product or (ii) any act that would benefit Pfizer's business activities. To facilitate this determination, please answer the questions set out in this questionnaire.

Please read the Privacy Policy, which provides important information regarding the purposes for which Pfizer will use the information collected through the questionnaire and related diligence.

Do you have decision making authority or official influence over any of the following matters:
The approval/registration/amendment/variation/suspension/revocation/cancellation of a government-issued marketing or sales authorisation (product license) for pharmaceutical products/other medicine/consumer healthcare products/Pfizer products?
The government - imposed conditions under which healthcare products or medicines are imported/marketed/distributed/sold?
The price/reimbursement/formulary listing of healthcare products or medicines?
The inclusion of vaccines in a national/regional immunisation programme, drafting/approval of legislation/regulations or government funding/purchasing of vaccines or the approval of any disease/conditions/vaccines related to such immunisation programmes?
The grant or renewal of a government issued permit or license?
The government approval or authorisation of (i) clinical trials or (ii) other research and development undertakings?
Any other official government matters or activities which may impact Pfizer's business or products?
PP-PFE-GBR-4181 / February 2022