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Our Purpose

After more than 170 years of treating and preventing disease, we have arrived at a new era. Now is the time of extraordinary focus on our science and the value it brings to people around the world.

Here in the UK, we strive to set the standard for delivering safe, effective medicines and vaccines that offer value to the health system and have the potential to save lives, prevent illness, improve health and enhance wellbeing.

We live our purpose in many different ways and we don't achieve these standards alone. We source the best science talent in the world and we leverage collaborations with healthcare providers, patient communities, academia, and policy makers. With the aid of these fundamental collaborations, our scientific teams, and the adoption of digital technologies to enhance drug development, we can lead the conversation on pro-innovation/pro-patient policies, helping to bring new medicines to patients as well as improving access to them.

Every decision we make, and every action we take, is with the patient in mind, all whilst trying to nurture an environment where breakthroughs can thrive.

Supporting the NHS ambition

Pfizer supports the NHS vision for prevention, which is key to help ensure a sustainable health service. This means empowering people to take control of their own health, harnessing new technologies and improving patient outcomes. This bold vision affords the government, the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry, the chance for a renewed partnership. Such close collaboration will meet health challenges head-on, while ensuring patients are kept at the forefront.

We believe it's critical that we help ensure patients have access to new medicines and that the NHS is supported, so that they can meet growing demand, whilst we deliver the skills, investment and opportunities that will foster a thriving life sciences economy in the UK.

Our Bold Moves - Purpose Blueprint 2023

At Pfizer, we redefine the limits of scientific discovery every day. We achieve the impossible by applying years of life-changing innovations to build a brighter and better future, ensuring we can achieve our mission of "Breakthroughs that Change Patients' Lives".

At Pfizer, we redefine the limits of scientific discovery every day, achieiving the impossible by applying years of life-changing innovations to build a brighter and better future. Ensuring we can achieve our mission of Breakthroughs that Change Patients' Lives. 

In March 2023, Pfizer announced a new Purpose Blueprint, built on from the original 2019 Purpose Blueprint. This new guidlines set to outline 5 new Principles and 15 new Big Ideas that will be instrumental, as we set our ambition to “Change a billion lives a year” by 2027.

In March 2023, Pfizer announced Purpose Blueprint 2.0. Purpose Blueprint 2.0 evolved from the original 2019 Purpose Blueprint. This new guideline covers five new principles and fifteen new big ideas. These will be instrumental as we set our ambition to “Change a billion lives a year” by 2027.

Purpose Blueprint 2.0 focuses on the patient, and how many lives we can impact. To deliver our mission, the organisation will adapt and evolve as well. We will continue to streamline the way we work, eliminating bureaucracy and improving processes to achieve those patient-impacting breakthroughs more efficiently.

Our ambitions have accelerated, to keep pace with the world and to continue to help lead it, but our overarching purpose, and the values that drive our work and culture, remain.

SCIENCEClinical Trials

Clinical trials are an essential step in the medicine development process.


Our History

Pfizer has a rich heritage of working in the UK since our first facility was opened up back in 1952.

NEWSBreakthrough Nation II

'Breakthrough Nation II' provides our latest thinking for how industry and government can work better together.

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