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Pfizer's collaboration with CMAC

We've been a Tier 1 partner of the Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC), at the University of Strathclyde, since 2017.1

Based at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, CMAC is a leading global research centre with a vision to transform medicines development, manufacture, and supply. Through its collaborative approach with industry, CMAC has a mission to deliver new science and innovative technology that advances Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) and disrupt the status quo in medicines manufacturing.

CMAC's area of expertise lies in accelerating the digital transformation of CMC and the digitisation of Quality by Design (QbD), an approach used in the manufacture and development of new medicines to enhance safety, efficacy, and overall quality. Digitisation in this context explores the use of extensive modelling, data driven decision support tools, predictive models, digital twins, and advanced quality control solutions. 

By applying advanced CMC processes and digital technologies alongside other research programmes, CMAC aims to create a digitally enabled and data-rich regulatory application. It is hoped that this will lead to higher-quality regulatory submissions and ultimately means innovative medicines could reach patients faster.

Through the collaboration, Pfizer and other industry partners play a crucial role in driving the implementation of these technologies and ensuring their successful translation into commercial-scale manufacturing, in a regulated environment. As a Tier 1 member, we have an opportunity to be an “early-adopter” of the technology, ultimately helping us in our mission to develop and deliver breakthrough medicines to patients.

"Our decision to join CMAC was driven by its academic excellence, commitment to industry partnerships and dedication to deliver solutions of strategic importance to the pharmaceutical industry that could benefit patients in the future."

Olivier Drap
Director of Business Development, Pfizer

"Collaboration with industry, regulators, and other specialists is key for our success. By fostering strong partnerships and focusing on skills development, we maximise the adoption of new sciences and approaches in future medicines manufacturing."

Massimo Bresciani
Industry Director at CMAC, University of Strathclyde

This partnership highlights the importance of collaboration between academia and industry in advancing medicines manufacturing. Through this collaboration, we are driving the digital transformation of CMC processes, resulting in more efficient and higher-quality manufacturing of medicines.



In 2015 we joined ADDoPT, a 4 year £20.4 million collaborative project between government, pharmaceutical companies, SME's and academia.


Collaboration with Cambridge University on an AI model to help predict chemical reaction outcomes

In 2019, we began a partnership with the University of Cambridge on an AI (artificial intelligence) driven project to help predict how certain chemicals will react with each other.


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