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Animal WelfareHomeResponsibiltyAnimal WelfareAt Pfizer, we’re always looking for new ways to discover and test potential medicines and vaccines that are acceptable to the regulatory authorities, and do not compromise patient safety or the effectiveness of these medicines.

We’re engaging in and leading cross-industry efforts aimed to develop and refine new ‘in-vitro’ testing and predictive informatics-based systems that hold promise for future reduction of animal usage.

For as long as it remains necessary to use animals in the discovery, development, evaluation and production of new medicines, we commit to maintaining high standards in the humane treatment of these animals in all Pfizer R&D facilities around the world.

We embrace the ‘3Rs’ of animal research:

  • Replacement of animal experiments with non-animal experiments such as mathematical models, computer simulations, and in-vitro biological systems wherever appropriate; and where animals must be used.

  • Reduction of the number of animals used in each study, and of the number of studies involving animals, to the absolute minimum necessary to obtain valid results and achieve our research objectives.

  • Refinement of procedures involving animals to minimize the potential for pain and distress.

Here in the UK, we comply with the strict regulations set out by the government to ensure appropriate welfare standards. Visit the government website to find out more.

Our Policy of Care

This is enshrined in the Pfizer Guidelines and Policy on Laboratory Animal Care, which reflect our absolute commitment that all animals used by our business are treated humanely at all times.

The Policy makes it clear that any research involving animals will only be conducted after appropriate ethical consideration and review. This review ensures we provide a high level of care to all animals used, and that a scientifically appropriate and validated alternative to the use of animals is not available.

Any use of animals will be carefully planned and conducted in such a way as to minimise or avoid pain, distress, or discomfort to the animals. We expect any third party organisations we engage to conduct animal-based research on our behalf in adherance to our Policy and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

"Pfizer is dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier lives through the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines and therapies. Animal-based biomedical research in the pharmaceutical industry remains a vital component of the discovery, evaluation and regulatory processes, which lead to the development of products that save or improve human lives throughout the world."

Pfizer’s Guidelines and Policy on Laboratory Animal Care

OUR SCIENCEDeveloping New Medicines

Our medicines save and transform the lives of millions around the world every year, but developing them is a complicated process.

RESPONSIBILITYEnvironmental Sustainability

Reducing the impact of our operations through greenhouse gas emission reductions is a strategic priority.

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