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Pfizer in the UK


Working together

Pfizer has a rich heritage of working within the UK since our first facility was opened back in 1952.

Over the past 66 years, we have continued to invest in the UK and are committed to working with the NHS and other healthcare organisations across the industry developing solutions to improve the delivery of care and patient outcomes.

We support the NHS Long Term Plan's ambition for prevention, empowering people to control their own health, harnessing new technologies and improving the quality of patient care and health outcomes. We believe these are key to help ensure a sustainable NHS and gives the government, the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry the chance to form a new relationship, truly working together to meet these challenges head-on while putting patients first.


Our UK investment

In 2017, we spent over £209 million supporting research and development carried out in the UK and contributed to 138 collaborations with universities, pharmaceutical companies, industries and others. Through collaborations with scientists, academics and clinicians, sharing knowledge, skills and expertise we aim to improve the health and lives of people in the UK and around the world. During 2017, we had 60 clinical trials on-going in the UK, across 288 UK sites, involving over 4,000 patients since the trials started.

The NHS, has access to over 170 Pfizer medicines and vaccines that are delivered to pharmacies, surgeries and hospitals across the UK.

Our UK investment goes beyond our medicines. In 2017, we contributed over £1.3 million in donations to charities, patient organisations, community organisations, academic institutions and professional societies. We also actively support the scientists of tomorrow, through the National Apprenticeship Programme, our undergraduate placement scheme and through various STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and SIP (Science Industry Partnership) activities.


Our business in the UK

The UK is an important location for Pfizer, with around 2,500 colleagues in five locations working across our commercial business, research and development (R&D) and manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

Our site in Sandwich is home to Pfizer’s only automated ‘pilot plant’ that manufactures medicines for use in our clinical trials worldwide and is able to perform every step in the complex process of developing new medicines. Sandwich is also home to Pfizer's Worldwide Safety & Regulatory operations, where medicine licensing for 175 countries is managed.

Helping ensure our medicines and vaccines are available to the people that need them, Pfizer’s packaging and distribution site in Havant is one of the largest in Europe. The site is a centre of excellence for cold chain packaging and supply, providing temperature sensitive vaccines and injectable medicines that are distributed to over 100 countries around the world.

Our Devices Centre of Excellence in Cambridge, is another key site, specialising in the design and development of medicines 'delivery devices', such as auto-injectors and injector pens.


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