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Collaborative Working Project between Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Trust, Kings College London and Pfizer Oncology

Developing a service model to support patients and the healthcare system to make decisions about cancer care.


An ongoing challenge to both the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry is working out the true cost of cancer healthcare - especially the expenses which sit directly outside of the cost of a drug and its delivery.  One of the particular challenges is in working out the cycle-by-cycle impact of hospital attendances, blood tests, delayed appointments and missed chemotherapy slots on the overall system. Typically, a standardised costing is used when examining therapies, service redesign and delivery.  However, these are set costs, what these costs do not take into account is the complete costs of all cancer therapies and the delivery of these therapies to the system, particularly the burden on patients from the totality of their care.


As part of a Collaborative Working project Pfizer, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust (GSTT) and Kings College London (Kings Artificial Intelligence Centre) would like to examine GSTT’s delivery of cancer care to understand its implications, and to evaluate how this service can be modified when new therapies and devices which disrupt the current status quo are added to the system. Doing so will ultimately help us to develop an artificial intelligent model to support patients and the healthcare system when making decisions around cancer care.


Benefits to Patients

  • To understand the full impact of their treatment; financial, time, and outcomes
  • Supporting patients to make informed decisions about their care
  • To have services developed to support their cancer care

Benefits to NHS

  • To support planning of cancer care delivery; workforce, financial, resource application
  • To understand where services need to amended for future innovations
  • To understand waste within the system and reallocation of resources

Benefits to Pfizer

  • Understand the implications of delivery of cancer care
  • To create measures to support the delivery of new innovations


Proposed term of collaborative working project

Start date: 01 October 2022
End date: 30 September 2023

RESPONSIBILITYHealthcare Organisation Grants

Pfizer is committed to being transparent about the relationships we have with other organisations.


Through Joint Working projects, we work in partnership with healthcare organisations to develop solutions that improve patient care and add value to the work of the NHS.

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