Medicinal Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences Small Molecule team

Transforming experimental molecules into medicines for clinical trials.

Creating a medicine involves lots of scientists, working together across multiple sites, not only looking to discover new breakthrough compounds, but also coming up with innovative ways to help patients take medicines in the most effective way possible.

In fact, how we take medicines and their very design are essential parts of the process.

Do we take it as a tablet / capsule or as a liquid? How do we know it will reach the right part of the body? How often do we need to take it?

Our site within Discovery Park, in Sandwich, UK, is a co-home (with Groton, CT, USA) to our Medicinal Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences Small Molecule team. This team uses its specialist expertise to turn experimental molecules into the liquid and solid dose medicines used in clinical trials.

The team’s expertise includes:

  • Materials Science – defining the physical and structural properties of a medicine i.e. whether it’s a liquid, tablet or capsule 
  • Analytical Research & Development (R&D) –  develops the analytical tools and methods to characterise and ensure the quality of a medicine
  • Chemical Research & Development – efficient delivery of the active ingredients within a medicine
  • Drug Product Design and Supply – innovative design and supply of medicines to address patient needs
  • Quality Assurance – monitoring compliance and assuring quality


Our site in Sandwich is able to perform every step in the complex process of producing a new medicine and is home to Pfizer’s only automated ‘pilot plant’ that manufactures medicines for use in our clinical trials worldwide.


PP-PFE-GBR-4082 / November 2021