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Race Against Resistance Documentary Premieres in the UK

A new Pfizer funded documentary “Race Against Resistance: The Life And Death Struggle To Save Antibiotics” premiered in the UK today.

Produced by BBC StoryWorks for the AMR Action Fund, Pfizer, and funding partners, the film brings to life the very real threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), a process by which bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi mutate, developing the ability to defeat the medicines designed to kill them.1 In the case of bacterial infections, this can mean antibiotics are no longer effective. “Race Against Resistance” combines stories from people who have experienced drug-resistant infections with the actions being taken by scientists, innovators and researchers to tackle this global health threat.

The aim of the documentary is to raise awareness of AMR as a global health crisis, and highlight what we can all do to help.

Watch the full film above or view on Youtube.

Attending the premiere (left to right) were Susan Rienow (Country President, Pfizer UK), Pam Mangat (Executive Producer, BBC StoryWorks), Dame Sally Davies (Chief Medical Officer for England) and Henry Skinner (Chief Executive Officer, AMR Action Fund).


  1. World Health Organisation. Antimicrobial resistance. Published Nov 2023.
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