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Molecule to Market
Virtual Work Experience Programme

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Explore the world of the biopharmaceutical industry through our free interactive virtual work experience programme that will provide you with an in-depth overview of how medicines are developed and brought to market.

Explore the world of the biopharmaceutical industry through our free interactive virtual work experience programme that will provide you with an in-depth overview of how medicines are developed and brought to market. Join thousands of users on our ‘Molecule to Market’ journey, hosted by Forage, to gain practical insight into the biopharmaceutical industry and to boost your skills to prepare you for your next job application, or to support you in the next step of your career.  

You’ll have a chance to explore the rigorous research and development process, the complexities of health economics, the strategic considerations of marketing, and the meticulous approach of developing a go-to-market strategy – the key steps which allow medicines to go from concepts into the hands of patients.

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"I was not expecting the real and challenging content of the work experience. Really immersive and fun to do! It really helps to develop practical skills that will probably be used in the future."

- Student from Chichester College Group

"Very involved and technical, and really challenged my thinking... The staff explained everything perfectly, and I forgot it was remote at one point!"

- Student from Aston University

"This programme is well-designed to give a comprehensive overview of the tasks and responsibilities of a brand manager in the pharmaceutical industry. The tasks were challenging and required critical thinking and creativity to complete."

- Student from Glasgow Caledonian University

Is this programme for me?   

This programme is ideal for anyone looking to explore the biopharmaceutical industry, either for the first time or as a transition from another area of the industry. Whether you are a university student, a working professional, or someone seeking an apprenticeship, this programme will equip you with a range of employability skills and boost your application!

If you are considering one of our apprenticeships or an undergraduate placement, our job simulation programme will prepare you for the real work environment and make you stand-out during our recruitment process. In addition, if you're unsure whether the biopharmaceutical industry is the right choice for you, this is a great opportunity to find out more about what we do before you apply.

If you already have experience in the biopharmaceutical industry but perhaps want to learn more about the commercialisation stages of bringing medicines to patients, the Molecule to Market programme can do exactly that. You will be guided through four tasks the cover the molecule to medicine pathway, health economics in the UK, brand marketing and go-to-market strategy. A great way to round-out your experience and set you up to move roles within the sector. 

What will I learn?

Throughout this programme you will explore the complexities of transforming a scientific discovery into a marketable product available to patients who need it.

The programme is divided into four tasks:

  • The Molecule-to-Market Pathway - explore how the biopharmaceutical industry works, the steps involved in the medicine development process, and the different departments integral to preparing to launch a medicine into the market.
  • Health Economics - learn about the reimbursement pathway for a new medicine in the UK. You will explore how to develop part of a pricing and access strategy and start to draft a submission to the regulators of reimbursement.
  • Marketing - define target customer groups, distil customer insights, identify product characteristics, and the determine the competitive framing of a new medicine to create a brand position statement.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy - create an effective go-to-market strategy to deliver your medicine’s unique value proposition to customers while achieving a competitive advantage.
Is this programme certified? 

Upon successful completion of the Molecule to Market programme you will receive a certificate signed by the CEO of Forage, Tom Brunskill, which you will be able to showcase on your CV or LinkedIn. 

How much time will it take? 

The ‘Molecule to Market’ programme will take on average 4-6 hours to complete. It is a fully virtual programme so you have the flexibility to work at your own pace and fit the work experience around your other day-to-day commitments.

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