Teacher Resources

Teachers Resources

Lesson planning for online modules

The below resources will help you to plan a lesson around one of our free online modules. The online modules and associated activity sheets can be accessed via the 'Student Education Area'.

These delivery guides outline the key learning objectives, provide a range of lesson activities, extension/homework ideas and highlight curriculum alignment.


Superbugs (Antimicrobial resistance) online module

KS1 Delivery Guide
KS2 Delivery Guide
KS3 Delivery Guide


Viruses and Pandemics online module

KS2 Delivery Guide
KS3 Delivery Guide


Vaccination online module

KS3 Delivery Guide


Medicine Development modules

There are currently no delivery notes available for the 'Medicine and Me', 'Medicine Cabinet', 'Pre-Discovery' or  'Molecule to Medicine' modules.


Other school initiatives

Annual "Superbugs: Join the fight" Competition

Visit the National Schools Partnership website to register your school and take part in our annual 'Superbugs: Join the Fight' competition. Competition entry is open between November 2021 - May 2022.


Community Lab

Providing schools near Sandwich, Kent with access to an industrial-standard laboratory.


Lab in a Box

'Lab in a Box' enables schools in the surrounding areas of Sandwich, Kent, to borrow specialist science equipment.


Career Talks

Request a career talk from one of our STEM/SIP ambassadors, who will outline the range of careers available within the pharmaceutical industry.

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