Non-Disease Specific UK Areas of Interest

Non-Disease Specific UK Areas of Interest

Healthcare, Research and Academic organisations are invited to submit grant requests to the Pfizer UK Medical External Engagement Team for the support of independent medical and/or scientific initiatives, that are aligned to Pfizer's non-disease specific medical and/or scientific strategies.

Specifically, our Medical External Engagement Team will consider applications for research, education and service improvement in the following priority areas:

  • Patient safety
  • Medication and vaccination safety
  • Research and development including quality improvement
  • Learning and development, including continuous improvement

Our overarching aim across these four priority areas is to help accelerate the translation / implementation of scientific research and learning to quality patient care.

Examples may include grant requests to support independent accredited education, quality improvement or research that are intended to improve patient outcomes in areas of unmet medical need.

For all independent medical grants, the grant recipient is responsible for the design, implementation, sponsorship, and conduct of the independent initiative supported by the grant, including compliance with any regulatory requirements.

Pfizer must not be involved in any aspect of project development, nor its conduct or monitoring.

To discuss your potential independent medical grant application for any of the above areas, please phone 01304 616161 and ask to speak to a member of the UK Medical External Engagement team.


PP-UNP-GBR-1325 / July 2022