Pfizer Healthcare Hub: 2017

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London launched to support digital health start-ups across the UK to achieve their goals.


Watch highlights from the Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London 2017 pitch day event


The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London is an initiative to help companies innovating in the health tech space realise their potential. The Hub is designed to support late stage start-ups to grow and reach more patients and providers faster, by giving access to Pfizer’s network and resources.

Finalists from across the UK were invited to our Surrey head office to present to a panel of Pfizer UK leaders and invited judges.


The Finalists



The Winners


Cera - A technology-enabled home care provider. Cera works to provide consistent, transparent and comprehensive care using automatic matching, online care reports, competitive pay and strategic partnerships.

Cera’s mission is to change the world of home care by supporting elderly people to live where they are most comfortable and happy.

Pfizer has helped us make connections with public and NHS figures in Manchester and build foundations for our expansion in this area.”

Echo - A simple, free and secure app that lets you order your NHS prescriptions and get medication delivered to your door, as well as reminding you to take your medication at the right time.

The Pfizer Hub has provided Echo with mentorship and helped us access parts of the NHS that are typically hard for start-ups to reach.

Give Vision - SightPlus is a wearable headset developed to help improve vision for certain forms of visual impairment.

The hands-free, portable device can magnify close-up or far-away objects, change the contrast or apply custom filters to anything you are looking at.

Joining the Hub was perfect timing for us to get help to gather reliable information about medical device certifications, patents and health economics from true experts who have been in the industry for many years.


The three winners each received 12 months support from the Hub and access to a £56,000 grant fund. The Hub worked with experts from across Pfizer, universities, manufacturers, UX Labs, hospitals, and many parts of the UK and global health systems to help the winners reach their objectives.

Though the support period officially closes after a year, we are committed to continuing to support the winning start-ups where possible, which may include extended partnership and invitation for further collaboration opportunities.

Pfizer takes no commercial interest in the applicants’ business and will make no claims on their IP. Winners are free to work with any other potential partners, to pursue any investment or exit options they choose with other companies.


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