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Stories of Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is already impacting people in the UK and beyond. We are all at risk of developing antibiotic resistant infections which can have life changing consequences.


It’s important to remember that bacteria become resistant – not people – therefore we must face this issue together.

Real-life stories like those shared below show us why it is so important to learn about antibiotic resistance and how we can take action to help Change the Course.


▶ Simon's Story 

Simon went into hospital for a routine knee operation at the age of 45. The operation was a success however, soon afterwards, he developed a life-threatening antibiotic resistant infection and was in a coma for three and a half weeks. His family, including his three young children, were told to prepare for the worst.

Simon’s infection was caused by a superbug known as MRSA. This antibiotic resistant infection caused lots of health complications in a short space of time including bacterial pneumonia, organ damage, a bladder infection and sepsis. What was originally an overnight hospital stay turned into seven long weeks in hospital as he fought the infection.

Before he went into hospital, Simon was in good health and enjoyed an active lifestyle, regularly playing with his children, going for long walks and playing sports. As a result of his infection, Simon suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, but has been working on his recovery and is hopeful for the future.

He hopes that, by sharing his story, people will understand more about antibiotic resistance and will take action to stop the spread through our communities. 

Watch his story:



▶ Lisa's Story 

Lisa experienced a number of antibiotic resistant infections– including lung infections like pneumonia and surgical site infections. Recurring infections where she ends up in hospital or unwell have a huge impact on Lisa’s mental health too, and also her wider family who worry about passing other infections onto her.

Lisa had to shield during the COVID-19 pandemic, worrying that she would also develop a secondary bacterial infection if she caught the virus.

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▶ Amer's Story

Amer contracted a serious kidney infection while studying for his masters. During his final exam, Amer felt severe pain in his kidney and went straight to hospital. Originally Amer was sent home, but after collapsing he was rushed back to hospital and diagnosed with septic shock. The doctors said there was an 80% chance that Amer wouldn’t have survived, but fortunately he was given the right antibiotic at the right time.

Amer hopes that other people like him will continue to have access to life saving antibiotics.

▶ Sheila's Story 


Sheila’s story of how constant urinary tract infections have caused her depression, anxiety and dread; and how nothing has changed over the last 50 years as she has suffered and searched for a cure.

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▶ Mary's Story 

In 2016, Mary was admitted to hospital to address an issue discovered with her heart. But after the open heart surgery, her doctors found her to be septic. Her organs had started to fail and her hospital note stated a 2% chance of survival.
Watch her story: 


The stories included here were provided by Antibiotic Research UK and Pfizer with permission from the individuals who shared them.



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In 2020, Pfizer UK launched a national campaign which aims to help us all feel empowered to change the course of AMR and create a new future for antibiotics.

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