Gender Pay Gap Report

At Pfizer, we pioneer biopharmaceutical innovations by combining transformational technology with cutting-edge science and indomitable human spirit. Every day, we open new worlds of medical possibilities to advance our purpose: breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. 


We can best fulfil that purpose when we enable every one of our colleagues to bring their best self to work. And we do that by building and maintaining an inclusive working culture - in which each one of us feels supported and empowered to achieve our full potential.

Download our annual gender pay gap reports below.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021


Gender Pay Gap Report 2020


Gender Pay Gap Report 2019


Gender Pay Gap Report 2018


What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap is the difference in average hourly pay between men and women across the entire organisation. This is expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings and provides a basic overview of the gender pay gap balance in the organisation.

The gender pay gap is not the same as unequal pay. In other words, it does not show the differences in pay for comparable jobs. The Equal Pay Act of 1970 prevents unequal pay for men and women for equal work.


What is Pfizer UK's Gender Pay Gap?

Gender Pay Gap

Our median Gender Pay Gap stands at 10.2%. In 2019, our median gender pay gap was 12.1%, whilst in 2018 it was 15.9%. That means we’ve reduced our gap by over 5% in the last two years. This really is progress, we are moving in the right direction. 


What is Pfizer UK's commitment for the future?

Addressing the gender pay gap is a standing item on the UK board agenda, alongside a dedicated team with the below strategy to address it:

  1. Ensuring recruitment diversity to build a stronger gender balance of candidates across all levels and stages of the recruitment process. 
  2. Create a trusting, flexible workplace culture which encourages employees to achieve work life harmony, enabling everyone to be their best working self.
  3. Evaluate and implement a programme of career progression support, enabling colleagues to find clarity, momentum and direction to make positive changes.
  4. Ensure a colleague going into and returning from long term absence is exposed to equal opportunities, so that they can progress whilst feeling supported, engaged and part of the business plan.
  5. Create an environment that supports employees at every stage of the family-life cycle, from childbirth to adult years, recognising the modern family comes in many different forms.

Our commitment to addressing the gender pay gap reflects our values: Equity, Joy, Courage and Excellence. 

Through living these values we are dedicated to implementing positive change, to our business and the wider society.

This is a key priority for Pfizer UK. Our gender pay gap figures are improving year on year. This really is progress, we are moving the needle in the right direction. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far and we continue to work hard at doing more." 

Denise Harnett, HR Director, Pfizer UK


PP-PFE-GBR-4019 / October 2021