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Recognising the signs and symptoms of blood cancer this September

For Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2020, we are raising awareness of this ‘hidden’ cancer and helping people to understand the signs and symptoms.


Why are we taking part in Blood Cancer Awareness Month?

Blood cancer is a condition that often flies ‘under-the-radar’ compared to the more common, so-called big four’ cancers: breast, lung, colon and prostate. But the reality is, every 14 minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer in the UK.1 Despite its prevalence, a Blood Cancer UK poll found that only 1% of people are ‘very confident’ that they could identify common symptoms of blood cancer.2 Although the UK is making great strides to improve outcomes for blood cancer patients, there is still more to be done. It is critical we prioritise awareness-raising in order to improve blood cancer survival rates, and this September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month provides us with a platform to do that.


What is our role?

At Pfizer we are committed to delivering breakthroughs that change patients' lives. We are motivated by the knowledge that the work we do has the potential to help patients live longer, fuller lives. We know that identifying and diagnosing patients at the earliest opportunity is key to better outcomes. We are at a turning point for the NHS, for cancer and for all of us, but we must work together to ensure that advanc-es in blood cancer treatments are not lost, that diagnoses are not missed, and that care packages are available to support good quality of life.


Join us by tweeting #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth and help uncover the signs of this ‘hidden’ cancer.


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