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Pfizer UK launches ‘Superbugs: Join the fight’ school programme

Imagine a world where antibiotics no longer work – it may be closer than we think.

The ‘Superbugs: Join the fight’ initiative has been developed to engage primary school pupils with the real-world issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 

Working alongside the PSHE Association, the national body for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, and National Schools Partnership, the programme is designed to help raise awareness of antibiotic resistance to school children, whilst addressing ways to tackle the inappropriate use and misuse of antibiotics.

Registered schools will receive a free resource pack including a variety of PSHE-linked content which explores the topical issue of AMR and demonstrates how simple steps, such as hand-washing, can help to prevent infection. 

Free resource pack includes:

  • Teacher Guide containing an overview of the ‘superbugs’ issue, resource summary and curriculum links
  • Lesson Plan with activities that explore the ‘superbugs’ issue and what students can do about it
  • Activity Sheets exploring the importance of personal hygiene
  • Presentation and video that bring the ‘superbugs’ issue to life
  • Parent Leaflet including key messages and tips around preventing infection and the spread of ‘superbugs’
  • Poster to raise awareness of AMR and the importance of personal hygiene


At Pfizer, we recognise the threat that antimicrobial resistance presents to global health. Through this ‘Superbugs: Join the Fight’ schools campaign we want to inspire the next generation to take action to combat the rise of superbugs. With the help of teachers around the country, The National Schools Partnership and the PSHE Association, we want to harness the collective power of young people as innovators and influencers, giving them the opportunity to engage with, and take ownership of the AMR issue.”

Peter Collins, Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Pfizer UK

‘Superbugs: Join the Fight’ Competition

Registered schools will also be invited to take part in the ‘Superbugs: Join the fight’ competition. This gives students the opportunity to design a creative, sharable campaign idea that lets their family, friends and community know about the issue and what they can do to reduce antibiotic resistance.

The competition will be judged by an expert panel during early December with winners announced later that month. Winners will then be invited to an event at the ‘Superbugs: the fight for our lives’ exhibition at the Science Museum in London to celebrate.

Registration now closed


PP-PFE-GBR-1651 / March 2019