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Pfizer UK announces ‘Superbugs: Join the Fight’ Competition winners

Pfizer UK is pleased to announce the winners of its ‘Superbugs: Join the Fight’ Schools Competition.


Following the launch of the ‘Superbugs: Join the fight’ school programme, we challenged students to come up with a creative, sharable campaign idea that lets their community know more about and how to address: 

  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • The role of vaccines
  • Viruses and pandemics 

We asked students to submit a 120 second video or audio recording, storyboard or script that showcases the ways we can all take action to reduce the rise of superbugs by creating an advert for film, TV, radio or podcast. 

Once all the entries were in, the expert panel of judges had the hard task of choosing just one winner and one runner-up for both Primary and Secondary school categories.

And the winners are…

Category: Primary School

Winners | Amelia, Maisie, Jeslyn, Abigail, Southmuir Primary School
Amelia, Maisie, Jeslyn and Abigail created a fun and colourful video about Superbugs and how we can fight against them.


Category: Secondary School

Winners | Jess, Phoebe & Darcey, Denmark Road High School
Jess, Phoebe & Darcey produced an informative and fun video on how we can beat COVID-19.

Category: Primary School

Runner-up |Sienna, Ellie & Amy, Southmuir Primary School
Sienna, Ellie & Amy used animations to tell us how we can stop the spread of COVID-19.


Category: Secondary School

Runner-up | Akshaya, Denmark Road High School
Akshaya created an extremely informative video including 4 simple acts that we can all take to stop the spread of Superbugs.


Category: Primary School

Third Place | Vedika
Vedika produced a colourful and creative poster on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Category: Secondary School

Third Place | Yash, Tomlinscote School
Yash created a fun animated video answering questions on Superbugs and how we can prevent them.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. This year’s winners will receive a fantastic virtual interactive workshop with expert filmmakers and communicators. The winners’ workshop will bring their entries to life through video and graphics.  

And thank you to all the schools, teachers and students who registered for the 'Superbugs: Join the Fight' programme and submitted their creative and original campaign ideas.

Find out more:


Working alongside the PSHE Association and National Schools Partnership, 'Superbugs: Join the fight' is designed to help raise awareness of antibiotic resistance to school children.


In November 2020, we launched a national campaign which aims to help us all feel empowered to change the course of antimicrobial resistance and create a new future for antibiotics.


PP-PFE-GBR-3829 / August 2021