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Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London

Healthcare Hub supports digital health start-ups achieve their goals


The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London is an initiative to help companies innovating in the health tech space realise their potential. The Hub is designed to support late stage start-ups to grow and reach more patients and providers faster, by giving access to Pfizer’s network and resources.

Through the Hub we aim to work with some of the best and brightest health tech start-ups in the UK, pursuing the vision of transforming people’s lives through innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Across the globe people are already accessing health information from different digital resources night and day, and increasingly are beginning to measure, monitor and track their steps walked, heart rate and blood pressure in real time. Digital innovation, therefore, has the potential to transform the lives of people with health issues, helping them live healthier, happier, informed and connected lives.

Our ‘Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London’ initiative aims to help companies who have demonstrated their potential to transform the lives of patients through digital innovation by connecting them to expertise within Pfizer and Pfizer’s networks in London, the UK and globally.

In July 2017, we announced the three winners for the first competitive grant process, who each received 12 month’s support from the Hub and access to a £56,000 grant fund.

Pfizer will take no commercial interest in the applicants’ business and will make no claims on their IP. Winners are free to work with any other potential partners, to pursue any investment or exit options they choose with other companies.

Cera - A technology-enabled home care provider. Cera works to provide consistent, transparent and comprehensive care using automatic matching, online care reports, competitive pay and strategic partnerships

Echo - A simple, free and secure app that lets you order your NHS prescriptions and get medication delivered to your door.

Give Vision - SightPlus is a wearable headset developed to help improve vision for certain forms of visual impairment.

Since August 2017, the Hub has been working with experts from across Pfizer and universities, software developers, manufacturers, hospitals, GPs, commissioners and many parts of the UK and global health systems to help the three winners reach their objectives.

We also hope to extend support to a number of other highly commended finalists and aim to run the programme on an annual basis. The 2018 entry process will be announced on the Healthcare Hub website.

The Healthcare Hub is being led by Dr Hamish Graham, Pfizer, who helps digital innovators focus on tackling the challenges that will have the greatest potential impact on patients or providers. Hamish works with Pfizer’s experts in the UK, and globally, and leads the Hub's collaborations with NHS digital exemplar sites, the Academic Health Science Networks and other partners.

One of our key partners is the University of Swansea, where we established a Pfizer Innovation Hub in March 2017, aimed at improving health across Wales.1 Professor Marc Clement, Dean of Swansea University’s School of Management, was among the judging panel and welcomed the collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry, academia and the start-up community.

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London programme is an enlightened approach by a global company to take its assets and put them to the service of small innovators…..I’m optimistic that it will rapidly provide much-needed digital innovation to the UK market and lead to tangible improvements for both patients and providers."

Professor Marc Clement, Dean of Swansea University, School of Management


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