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Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London

The ‘Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London’ aims to help companies who have demonstrated their potential to transform the lives of patients through digital innovation by connecting them to expertise within Pfizer and Pfizer’s networks in the UK and beyond.

As part of a global network of Pfizer Healthcare Hubs, the initiative aims to work with some of the best and brightest health tech start-ups, pursuing the vision of transforming people’s lives through innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Around the world people are already accessing health information from different digital resources night and day. Digital innovation has the potential to transform the lives of people with health issues, from monitoring heart rate and blood pressure in real time to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in patient care, advances in technology are helping patients to live healthier, happier, informed and connected lives.

The Hub is led by Dr Hamish Graham, Pfizer, who helps digital innovators focus on tackling the challenges that will have the greatest potential impact on patients or providers. Hamish works with Pfizer’s experts in the UK, and globally, and leads the Hub's collaborations with NHS digital exemplar sites, the Academic Health Science Networks and other partners.

We need to get smarter at harnessing and deploying innovation into our health service, which is why big business and start-ups need to collaborate more closely together.”

Dr Hamish Graham, Healthcare Hub Manager, Pfizer UK

Pfizer will take no commercial interest in the applicants’ business and will make no claims on their IP. Winners are free to work with any other potential partners, to pursue any investment or exit options they choose with other companies.


Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London Competitive Grant Process
Pfizer Healthcare Hub: 2018

Following the success of the Hub in 2017, we launched the second competitive grant process in April 2018 in search of a new cohort of promising start-ups.

Pfizer Healthcare Hub: 2017

The Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London launched to support digital health start-ups across the UK to achieve their goals.

PP-PFE-GBR-1866 / August 2019