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VacciNation: Tackling health inequalities across EnglandA new report has brought to life the significant geographic variations in uptake of adult vaccines across England, and calls on government to build on lessons learned during the pandemic to ensure vaccines are available to all. 

Delivered by policy consultancy Future Health and commissioned and funded by Pfizer UK, ‘VacciNation and health inequalities: tackling variations in adult vaccination uptake in England’ assesses the uptake of adult vaccination across various local authorities in England and examines the economic potential that could be unlocked by tackling any regional variations.

"The link between effective vaccination and societal wellbeing was made clear during the pandemic but now is the time to look at improving access and uptake of other critical adult vaccination programmes to better protect the health of our communities nationwide."

Gillian Ellsbury, Senior Medical Director, Vaccines, Pfizer UK, Ireland & Nordics

The report found large regional differences across the country for the uptake of adult vaccines for preventable illnesses including: COVID-19, seasonal flu, shingles, pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV) and whooping cough in pregnancy. Unfortunately, areas of higher deprivation were more likely to have lower vaccine uptake levels, but these same areas could realise the most social and economic benefits if that imbalance could be addressed. 

For example, research from the Supporting Active Ageing Through Immunisation (SAATI) Partnership showed that investment in adult vaccination for over 50s provided a 4:1 return in future government revenue.1 And findings from the Office of Health Economics (OHE) determined that for every £1 the UK Government invested in vaccines, it would save £2.18.2

Through its 12-point plan, the new report offers tangible solutions to improve access and uptake such as helping people with transport to community vaccination centres or GP surgeries, developing better technology to book vaccinations, working with local government and community leaders to build trust within the community and reviewing how the UK assesses the long-term value of vaccination. 

Delivering on this strategy and building upon the COVID-19 vaccination programme blueprint will enable a healthier and wealthier UK population, and realise wider public policy ambitions to transform the UK into a global leading life sciences power.

VacciNation and health inequalities: Tackling variations in adult vaccination uptake in England.

Published March 2022

Download the full report


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