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Miles for Haemophilia

The Miles for Haemophilia campaign has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part, pledged their miles to the campaign, and helped raise awareness of haemophilia.


There are many websites available to help you understand more about haemophilia. The following are just a few suggestions with an overview of some of the information you will find on each:

  • The Haemophilia Society: The Haemophilia Society is the only UK-wide charity for everyone affected by a bleeding disorder: a community of members, supporters and healthcare professionals.  Their work is driven by a small staff team based in London, working alongside volunteers from all over the UK.
  • Haemophilia Wales: Haemophilia Wales provides information, support and advocacy to everyone with Haemophilia, Von Willebrands and other bleeding disorders, including their families and carers.
  • Haemophilia Scotland: Scottish organisation for anyone who has blood-related conditions so they can connect with each other. Also provides a united representative voice on behalf of haemophiliacs in Scotland.
  • Little Bleeders: Little Bleeders supports young people with blood disorders. It was set up by professional British cyclist and haemophiliac Alex Dowsett.


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