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My Haemophilia Centre Application

My Haemophilia Centre is a mobile application that has been developed by Pfizer Ltd. for haemophilia patients in the UK in collaboration with The Royal London Hospital Haemophilia Centre. The Application is intended to provide information to help patients with bleeding disorders understand more about their condition.

Within the Application there is information on exercise, travel, work-life, dental care, school, family, tattoos and piercings, diet, women’s health, alcohol and drugs, university, relationships and emergencies. The Application also includes the ability for haemophilia treatment centres to upload useful information about their specific centre for their patients, such as staff contact details and a notes section that can be edited by the Application user.


The package for this Medical and Educational Goods and Services (MEGS) includes:

  • My Haemophilia Centre Application.
  • Application maintenance from a third party vendor.
  • The option to edit the ‘My Centre’ pages.
  • A suite of materials:
    • Information leaflet (for the haemophilia treatment centre team).
    • Information leaflet (for patients).
    • Reminder item (to be visible in the haemophilia treatment centre).
    • A5 patient flyer.


My Haemophilia Centre will be available for up to 10 UK haemophilia treatment centres for a minimum commitment of 2 years and will be provided on a first come first served basis providing the following criteria is met:

  1. A large patient cohort where the My Haemophilia Centre application could support communication with patients in the situation of resource challenges.
    1. Minimum requirement of 30 treated adult patients.
  2. Individual within the Haemophilia Treatment Centre to commit to being the My Haemophilia Centre Application implementation project lead.
    1. Responsibility of driving uptake within the Haemophilia Treatment Centre and coordinating the efforts of the wider Haemophilia Treatment Centre team.
    2. Liaising with Pfizer and Animativ (third party vendor) on the centre specific details for the app.
    3. Maintaining up to date information in the centre specific sections of the app by informing Animativ of any updates required.
  3. An enthusiastic team that have the capacity to actively engage with and raise awareness of the My Haemophilia Centre Application within the Haemophilia Treatment Centre.


Apply for the My Haemophilia Centre Application

To contact Pfizer for any other purpose, including adverse event reports, medical information requests, or data protection enquiries please call 01304 616161


PP-GIP-GBR-3536 / July 2018