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iGRO™ is a Medical and Educational Goods and Services (MEGS) tool. It is a stand-alone, web-based software medical device, accessible on a majority of platforms including desktops, laptops, and tablet devices.


It is designed to support paediatric endocrinologists to individualise and optimise growth hormone treatment for children with idiopathic GH deficiency (IGHD), Turner Syndrome (TS), and for short children born small for gestational age (SGA). It allows a physician to calculate growth predictions for a range of pre-pubertal and pubertal patients, and provides evidence-based guidance and justification for GH treatment decisions.

By inputting standard data that is routinely collected as part of clinic visits, iGRO™ gives the physician an assessment of the patient’s innate capacity to grow in response to GH treatment by calculating the index of responsiveness (IoR) at the end of the first year of treatment. At the start of treatment, iGRO™ aids assessment of a child’s potential to respond to GH, based on his or her baseline characteristics.

Response can be monitored and optimised during the first year of treatment, using the iGRO™ growth chart where yearly growth predictions are displayed clearly alongside the child’s growth curve before and during treatment. This enables physicians to monitor the effect of GH treatment by comparing a child’s predicted and actual growth responses to GH each year. 

After the first year of treatment, iGRO™ indicates the patient’s capacity to respond by calculating the index of responsiveness (IoR): a valuable parameter that determines long-term outcomes.

iGRO™ is available for use in a healthcare organisation treating paediatric patients with IGHD, TS or SGA who require growth hormone treatment. An individual healthcare professional can apply for iGRO™ on behalf of the healthcare organisation.

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iGRO™ is intended to support a physician in their treatment of their paediatric patients with IGHD, TS and SGA with growth hormone, but the clinical judgement of the physician should supersede any recommendations provided by the tool.

iGRO™ is an interactive software medical device that has been developed, funded and provided by Pfizer Ltd as a Medical and Educational Goods and Services (MEGS) tool to improve patient care.

To contact Pfizer for any other purpose, including adverse events reports, medical information requests, or data protection enquiries please call 01304 616161.


PP-GIP-GBR-2991 / Jan 2018