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MEGS Enquiry

Medical and Educational Goods and Services (MEGS) support enquiry


You have indicated that you are interested in requesting Medical and Educational Goods and Services (MEGS) support from Pfizer. In order to help Pfizer undertake an assessment of your request and respond to you in a timely manner, please complete the form below.

This form is for MEGS support requests only. To contact Pfizer for any other purpose, including reporting of adverse events, medical information requests or data protection enquiries, please call 01304 616161. Note that any adverse events reported to Pfizer should also be reported to the MHRA. See for further information.


MEGS Enquiry

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MEGS information

(The funding available to any such organisation is calculated based on the number of registered patients and will be funded to a maximum population of 150,000 patients. For those organisations with a combined list size of greater than 150,000 priority should be given to those practices of greatest need)
Note: Additional funding may be provided up to the sum of £500 per individual GP practice and £5,000 for larger healthcare organisations to cover practice support overtime to review the project results. Any such funding will be subject to the provision of any and all, written evidence as requested by Pfizer and will be determined at Pfizer’s sole and absolute discretion. Pfizer reserves the right to reject any additional funding request for any reason.
(If you have received funding for similar projects from the BMS-Pfizer Alliance within the previous three years, the Alliance will assess eligibility on a case by case basis)

Please note that submitting your request for a MEGS does not constitute a guarantee of support. MEGS are awarded on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, subject to availability and any stated criteria.

PP-GIP-GBR-4488 / August 2019