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ACRODAT® (Acromegaly Disease Activity Tool)

Even when achieving biochemical control, patients may still experience disease-specific symptoms such as soft tissue swelling, perspiration, and a generally reduced health status and quality of life.1,2,3 The patients’ own perspective of their health status may, therefore, be an important additional measure to assess the level of disease activity and for clinical decision making.

ACRODAT® is an interactive software medical device to assist adult endocrinologists in the holistic evaluation of disease activity in patients with acromegaly. The tool uses 5 parameters of patient information including: IGF-1, Tumour Status, Symptoms, Comorbidities and AcroQoL quality of life assessment to evaluate the patient’s disease status as stable, mild or severe.

ACRODAT® is a web-based medical device that has been developed, funded and provided by Pfizer Ltd. as a service to medicine to improve patient care in the United Kingdom.


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