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Medicines donations

Getting critical medical supplies to the people that need them most is a huge logistical challenge but in places where healthcare is limited, it can change and save lives. That’s why we've been proudly supporting the International Health Partners (IHP) for over 10 years.

As Europe’s largest coordinator of donated healthcare products, IHP relies on its strong network of healthcare industry donors to rapidly respond to humanitarian disasters, long-term healthcare development projects and short-term medical missions across the world.

Since 2004, Pfizer has donated over 815,400 units of vital medicinal products to IHP, both for use in their Essential Health Packs and in response to major international humanitarian crises. Over the last few years alone, we’ve supported requests for help with Ebola for Sierra Leone (2014-15), the earthquake in Nepal (2015) and with Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (2016).

The IHP’s Essential Health Packs are aimed at supporting travelling medical professionals to deliver critical primary healthcare in any setting. Each pre-packed kit contains a range of around 800 treatments including over-the-counter and prescription medicines such as antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, anti-fungal and anti-parasitics.   

Acting like a mobile pharmacy, the Essential Health Packs are highly portable and enable healthcare professionals to work in places where low stock and intermittent supplies of medication are all too frequent and where false, counterfeit, or sub-standard medicines may be common. Pfizer contributes around 12 different medicinal products towards each pack.

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