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Innovation in the UK

Part of our Research and Development (R&D) facility in Sandwich, Kent.


Pfizer has a long and proud history of being part of world class science in the UK.  Our site in Sandwich, Kent was one of the world’s first mass production facilities for penicillin back in the 1950’s  and continues to be an important location for Pfizer 60 years later. Over the last 20 years, our scientists in Sandwich have discovered new treatments for important disease areas and disorders including heart disease, HIV and migraine.

We invest time, knowledge and money, working alongside British science to find and develop new medicines and vaccines.


In addition to our research and development (R&D) centre in Sandwich, and Device Centre of Emphasis in Cambridge, in 2016 we were involved in 162 research and development collaborations and alliances.1 By working with scientists, academics and clinicians throughout the UK, we are working to find the new medicines and vaccines of the future.


Over the last 5 years (2012 - 2016) we have spent more than £1.3billion on supporting UK research and development to develop the medicines and vaccines of the future.2

The thriving Discovery Park site in Sandwich, has played an important part in the development of a growing life sciences hub, including a range of smaller biotech companies and start-ups.

It also plays an important role in developing Pfizer’s future pipeline as the home of our Material Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences Small Molecule team.

This team uses its specialist expertise to turn experimental new compounds into the liquid and solid dose medicines that can be used in clinical trials, and latterly given to patients more broadly.


What’s more, the site is home to Pfizer’s only fully automated Pilot Plant that manufactures medicines for use in Pfizer’s clinical trials worldwide.

Sandwich also hosts Pfizer’s Worldwide Safety and Regulatory (WSR) group. Working closely with colleagues in nearly every country across the world, this team creates the regulatory submissions needed for every medicine in Pfizer’s portfolio as well as monitoring patterns of adverse events reported by patients and reviewing safety information.



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