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Working with healthcare professionals

Working with healthcare professionals (HCPs) is vital to the development of new medicines and for the improvement of patients’ health.

They provide us with valuable, independent and expert knowledge derived from their clinical and management experience.

We regularly work with HCPs as advisors on a range of issues such as medicines development, the role of a medicine in a patient pathway, health economics and clinical best practice. Because these physicians possess specific insight and knowledge in their respective fields, they can help us to better evaluate data or scientific issues and respond to the changing and diverse needs of other practitioners, and most importantly patients.

We regularly engage HCPs as expert speakers to inform their peers on our medicines and the role they can play in the management of particular conditions.

We also provide funding towards the registration fees for HCPs to attend third party medical educational meetings and conferences.

We are strongly committed to openness and transparency in our interactions with HCPs and adhere to the ABPI Code of Practice, which has clear requirements for appropriate working. Pfizer has robust policies and procedures in place to ensure that we work together responsibly to accomplish our mission of working together for Britain’s national health.

We believe it is appropriate and ethical to fairly compensate HCPs for the expertise and time they provide to us. We do not pay HCPs for prescribing our medicines. Furthermore, we adhere to a strict Code of Practice which regulates all of these interactions.

Annually in June, we report the total figure paid in the previous year to all healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Consultancy fees for service, and Sponsorship to attend third party medical education meetings. This information is publicly available on our website as part of a universal industry decision to improve transparency.

PP-PFE-GBR-0445 / June 2017