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Pfizer worldwide

Pfizer works to positively impact the health of people around the world.

As well as the many local efforts in each country the company operates in, Pfizer runs several global programmes. These focus on using the full range of the company's resources — people, skills, expertise and funding — to broaden access to medicines and strengthen healthcare delivery for underserved people around the world.

Global Health Fellows

The Global Health Fellows Programme (GHF) is an international corporate volunteer program that places Pfizer colleagues and teams in short-term assignments with leading international development organisations in key emerging markets. During assignments Fellows transfer their professional medical and business expertise in ways that promote access, quality and efficiency of health services for people in greatest need.

Since 2003, over 300 Pfizer colleagues, from offices around the world, have participated in the programme working in over 40 countries. Assignments are focused on optimising supply chains and business functions, and scaling up promising health prevention approaches. Via the programme, Pfizer has partnered with over 40 international development organisations.

International Trachoma Initiative

Trachoma is an infectious eye disease that is spread by contact with an infected person's hands or clothing. It is the world's leading cause of preventable blindness and is one of the oldest diseases known to man.

Trachoma is believed to be endemic in 57 countries, primarily in Africa and Asia - globally, 1.2 billion people live in trachoma-endemic areas. Because it is transmitted through close personal contact, trachoma tends to occur in clusters-often infecting entire families and communities.

However, it is treatable and preventable. Pfizer is working to help end the suffering and the cycle of poverty caused by this debilitating disease by partnering with the WHO's Alliance for the Global Elimination of Blinding Trachoma by the year 2020 (GET2020) and the International Trachoma Initiative. To date, Pfizer has donated more than 225 million treatments in 19 countries.

Infectious Diseases Institute

In partnership with Makerere University, the Academic Alliance and Accordia Global Health Foundation, the Ugandan Ministry of Health and Mulago Hospital and Pfizer, the Infectious Diseases Institute was established in 2004 as a Centre of Excellence for prevention, treatment, training and research in Uganda that strengthens regional capacity in HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

Disaster relief

Pfizer has donated financial support and product contributions to assist in the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding across the globe including Mexico, Chile, China, Japan and Pakistan.