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Medicines donations

Pfizer UK has been proud to support International Health Partners (IHP) since 2007.

IHP is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which provides donated medicines and medical supplies to charities working at the front-line of health provision in developing countries and ensures they reach the communities that need them most.

Our primary area of support is in the form of medicines donated to IHP for inclusion in their Doctors’ Travel Packs (DTP). IHP’s DTP programme equips travelling medical professionals with the medicines and supplies they need when practicing in developing-world contexts. Each pack contains around 60 different medicines and medical supplies in sufficient quantity to treat over 800 people.

The list of contents includes a range of antibiotics, analgesics and NSAIDs, steroids, anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic medicines. The intention is that, equipped with a DTP, a medic should never need to rely on the existing health system at their destination for supplies. Each DTP includes significant amounts of product donated by Pfizer, as well as other companies.

In 2015 we significantly increased our donations in response to a request for more support from IHP and a change in the way the donations are planned into the production cycle. This year, we also included vitamin supplement donations from Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. The number of product packs donated increased to almost 130,000 in 2015 (28,150 packs in 2014).

We also donate medicines to IHP when they run special appeals for particular medicines needed in the context of humanitarian disasters and crises. Over the last few years we have supported requests for help in Sierra Leone for Ebola, in Syria and Gaza for medical emergencies and in Nepal following the earthquake in 2015

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