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Healthcare professionals

It is important to us that healthcare professionals (HCPs) have up-to-date information about our medicines, and understand what they cost in order to help plan budgets. To ensure HCPs have easy access to this information we publish it on three professional service websites.

The information provided on the websites listed here is intended only for healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom. If you are a member of the public wishing to access information on a specific medicine, please visit the electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC) website which contains up to date, easily accessible information about medicines licensed for use in the UK. is a website for healthcare professionals resident in the UK containing information on Pfizer medicines, medical conditions and other useful resources. The website also contains on-demand videos, filmed with experts, to be played at your convenience. is in its early stages of development and will be populated with new information throughout the year. 


Access Pfizer

Access Pfizer for Professionals is a ‘one stop shop’ of valuable information for Pfizer’s dispensing customers. Access Pfizer is part of Pfizer Healthy Partnerships, a selection of tools and resources connecting our customers with patient, professional and commercial support.

Visit Access Pfizer

Medical Information

Our Medical Information website is where HCPs can submit enquiries to the Pfizer Medical Information team, find Summaries of Product Characteristics and search medical information related to the licensed indications for Pfizer prescription products.

Visit Pfizer Medical Information

Reporting adverse events

In line with the requirements on HCPs, we actively encourage them to report any ‘adverse events’ (side effects) in their patients on a Pfizer medicine, whether it is thought to be caused by our medicine or not. We also encourage reporting if the medicine fails to work as expected.

Find out how to report adverse events

Working with healthcare professionals

Working with HCPs is vital to the development of new medicines and for the improvement of patients’ health. HCPs provide us with valuable, independent and expert knowledge gained from their clinical and management experience. Furthermore, these relationships are essential to gaining the information required to deliver the right treatment choices for improved patient health.

Find out more about our work with healthcare professionals