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Developing new medicines

Our scientists are committed to transforming molecules to medicines in order to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

More than a decade after the decoding of the human genome, we have a better understanding of human biology and what causes disease. We have also learned that it takes more than just great science to deliver meaningful new therapies. In recent years, we have evaluated and improved our R&D methods in order to deliver patients a sustainable flow of important new medicines and vaccines. In the last 3-4 years (2010-2014), we’ve received 16 first major market approvals, initiated approximately 21 Phase 3 studies, and achieved more than 20 internal Proof of Concepts on earlier programs.

Our operations in the UK bring together scientists, technicians, regulatory professionals and business experts to find and develop the next generation of innovative medicines for patients.

Key to our approach is collaborating in new and dynamic ways with other innovators across the health landscape including academic scientists, patient foundations, governments, other biopharmaceutical companies and treating physicians.

We focus our efforts in core areas where we are best positioned to develop unique, needed therapies. This includes chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, vaccines, oncology, neuroscience and pain, cardiovascular and metabolic disease and rare diseases. 

Today our pipeline is comprised of over 80 innovative therapies including potentially first-in-class vaccines for two deadly hospital-acquired infections, new antibody therapies for lupus and high cholesterol, and the next-generation of targeted therapies for cancer. We are also building upon a heritage of developing safe and effective biologic medicines to introduce high-quality biosimilars that can broaden patient access to treatment with lower-cost therapies.