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Smoking Cessation

Enhance in Practice

The Enhance in Practice service aims to improve the health of patients with long term conditions who currently smoke. The service offers a package of resources designed to help Stop Smoking Services and GP practices identify people with long term conditions who smoke, so that they can offer them support to make a quit attempt.

The package of resources includes a range of useful tools such as disease specific factsheets to help motivate patients to quit, waiting room posters and leaflets to inform patients about the programme and an example telephone script and patient letter to adapt for your local needs.

Enhance in Practice is available to smoking services and GP practices only.

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PP-GIP-GBR-2693 November 2017



Improving the Health of Our Community

Improving the health of our community is an initiative that aims to support Stop Smoking Services to optimise their current service provision in order to help as many smokers as possible to quit smoking.

This MEGS is offered as a one day workshop, which will be led and facilitated by an external consultant with expertise in service optimisation. The workshop is designed to support the Stop Smoking Service to develop it’s own Action Plan. The plan will serve as a foundation for improving the smoking cessation outcomes obtained by the service and improve the health of the respective community.


Criteria for Support

This MEGS is available to Stop Smoking Services on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, subject to stated criteria and available capacity. Stop Smoking Services who wish to request the initiative must therefore:

  • Be able to demonstrate commitment to improving smoking cessation outcomes from key stakeholders  by attendance at the workshop by two of the following roles:
    • Director of Public Health
    • Public Health Consultant (Tobacco Control Lead)
    • Public Health Commissioning Manager (responsible for procuring the service)
    • Health and Wellbeing Board Chair
    • Councillor with health portfolio responsibility
    • Provider Service Senior Manager
    • Stop Smoking Service Manager
  • Be able to provide data (specify type of data) necessary to ensure that attendees can accurately map the current status of the service and where there is potential for improvements.  This data will only be used in the workshop and will not be further shared or used within Pfizer. Patient identifiable data is not required and should not be provided.
  • Offer support to all adult smokers who wish to quit smoking.
  • Offer a service in line with the recommendations in NICE Quality Standard 43

Following development of the Action Plan, Stop Smoking Services may request additional support from Pfizer to help implement the plan.  This could include:

  • Additional consultant hours to support the implementation of the Action Plan.
  • Access to other existing smoking cessation MEGS developed by Pfizer and listed in this section of our website.
  • Financial support for bespoke initiatives that accelerate implementation of the plan

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PP-GIP-GBR-0426 / July 2016



Smoking Population Insights

Mosaic© is a consumer classification tool from Experian Ltd., which profiles the UK into 15 different demographic groups. Pfizer Ltd. has worked with Experian to understand which of these groups are likely to contain the most smokers and are therefore the key target audiences for Stop Smoking Services’ marketing activities.

The Smoking Population Insights MEGS provides Stop Smoking Services with access to the Mosaic tool to gain insights into:

  • The profile of typical smoking populations within the UK;
  • How these populations behave and communicate; and
  • Where these populations can be found within the geography of an individual service, down to a postcode level.

The Smoking Population Insights MEGS aims to provide Services with useful information that will help them develop and better target marketing activities that are relevant and engage the respective smokers/demographic segment, thereby increasing the impact of stop smoking campaigns.

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PP-GIP-GBR-0428 / July 2016



Quit @ Work

The Quit @ Work programme aims to support Stop Smoking Services in how they approach and work with local businesses, so that Stop Smoking Services can be delivered through onsite clinics and support employees to increase their chances of quitting. Pfizer has developed an interactive PDF containing practical tools, processes and tips to help Services engage local businesses with Stop Smoking initiatives.

Through Quit @ Work, Stop Smoking Services can be supported with:

  • Understanding how to identify and approach businesses
  • Developing a project plan and campaign materials to implement the service within local businesses
  • Tools to evaluate and communicate the results of the stop smoking service programme within the business as well as through social media activities

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PP-GIP-GBR-0427 / July 2016



Clocks – Time to Quit

“Clocks” is a marketing campaign designed to be used in hospital and secondary care. The programme comprises of a CD containing the artwork for a number of advertisement campaign materials. The aim is to motivate patients, staff and visitors to make a 'quit attempt' and thereby increasing the number of referrals to the stop smoking service.

Clocks is available to stop smoking services working with secondary care and for hospitals only.

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PP-GIP-GBR-0304 / June 2016


PP-PFE-GBR-0642 / Sept 2017